At IATI, we believe that the success of any business is defined by the success of its people. Investment in the development of your team must be targeted at initiatives that maximise the potential of the individuals and encourages each team member to perform at their best.

Staff development must begin with understanding the brand they are representing.  We prioritise working directly with our clients to understand their business and ensure that we develop programs that achieve sustainable results.

To ensure that our clients achieve their specific goals, we focus on the following key areas:


  • What does your brand “stand for”, both from a manufacturer/distributor and a dealership/group perspective?
  • What are the key values that underpin your culture?
  • How are those cultural values articulated and reinforced, on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?


  • What is the business/workplace culture?
  • How do your leaders, in all parts of the dealership, maintain that culture?
  • What business measures are monitored and how do your leaders respond when key performance measures are not met?
  • How do you support your leaders through difficult or stressful times?
  • How do they support their teams?


  • Do your people management processes support your brand values and business measures?
  • What is your people development strategy?
  • How do you reinforce the behaviours & attitudes that you require of your people, so they can deliver on their targets?

Our experience tells us that without focus in these key areas and developing the people accordingly, the goals of the client are not sustainable. We believe that to achieve your objectives, we need to understand these areas from your perspective before any training initiative occurs. We see ourselves as your business partner, in the people development area, providing the input you need to get maximum results from every department, every person.