IATI is an innovative training & development institute committed to delivering world-class training and development programs in the Automotive sector. We have sourced the leading trainers and program designers from around Australia for our faculty.

IATI faculty members have been involved in all aspects of training and development programs – from concept and design through to project administration and delivery – with numerous organisations   throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Specific highlights include:

  • One Director has worked as a full-time Training Manager in the automotive manufacturing area with a parts supplier in Detroit, MI
  • Four of the IATI Faculty have worked as full time Sales Managers or Service Managers in automotive dealerships
  • Client locations include Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Portugal, Italy and America

IATI is about delivering “training that works” – both in the training room, in Head Office & Dealership venues and online, and in the measurable improvements in skills, behaviour and results. This specifically relates to improving your dealer network staff performance and their interactions with customers.

Our Vision – “IAll Training – Improvement”

We believe that training and development should NOT be a “tick the box” exercise. Every training experience – seminar, online program, coaching session, etc –  should add value to all the participants, to their team members and to the business for which they work.

Our Mission – “World-class Training, delivered YOUR way”.

We don’t just take modules off a shelf and force your people through a set program. Our approach is to become your partner in people development, working with you to create a customised solution that fits your business and delivers optimal outcomes, for you, your team and the bottom line.