Our highly effective, results-oriented programs are available as In-Dealership training sessions, online learning modules and in public workshops run quarterly on the east coast of Australia. Click here to find out more and one of our team will be in touch.

The Consultative Process for Service

This program provides a detailed journey through the steps from the initial enquiry through to the loyal customer and strategies you can use to boost your results.

Improving Sales Opportunities

It’s important for Service Consultants to understand the challenges and key concerns customers raise and how to overcome them.  This course teaches strategies to improve their selling and customer experience skills.

Dealing with Different Types of Service Customers

Handling conflict and dealing with different individuals is often a source of stress for many people.  This model covers techniques and strategies for easing the pressure of these situations.

Personal Productivity & Time Management in Service

Most of us want to be able to do more in less time but also be more effective. This program is designed to enhance your ability to identify ways to increase your effectiveness in daily, weekly and monthly tasks and understand how to best manage your time better to boost outcomes.