Our highly effective, results-oriented programs are available as In-Dealership training sessions, online learning modules and in public workshops run quarterly on the east coast of Australia. Click here to find out more and one of our team will be in touch.

The Consultative Sales Process

This 10-module program provides a detailed journey through the steps you need to take prospects from enquiry to loyal customer.  Whether you are a new consultant or an experienced member of the team, you can benefit from the key messages and boost your results. 

Telephone Skills

The telephone is a key tool in the armoury of the successful Sales Consultant.  Use it well and get great results.  Use it poorly and you will have to work very hard to make up for that skill gap.  There are some basic elements that make a real difference.  This topic walks you through the steps.

Handling Objections

When customers raise an objection, it’s a good sign! They are interested enough to be seeking more information. The way we respond can make the difference between a sale and “I’ll think about it”.  Key strategies for success are covered in this topic.

Selling Over the Internet

In the past, the prospecting process for sales started with phone calls and letters; advertising was local newspapers and perhaps radio.  Not very long ago, a dealership with a “brochure style” website was leading edge! Now, we need a strategy for connecting with our customers via the internet. This topic will show you how.

Prospecting Techniques

Waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to walk into the show-room is not enough to create great results in Sales.  The key to success is having a plan for attracting prospective clients and a strategy for implementing the plan.  This program covers ideas, techniques and attitudes for success.

Productivity & Time Management

Most of us want to be able to do more in less time but also be more effective. This program is designed to enhance your ability to identify ways to increase your effectiveness in daily, weekly and monthly tasks and understand how to best manage your time better to boost outcomes.