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We believe that the development of your people is critical to your bottom line! Investment in skills, behaviours and strategies will make a measurable difference to your results, customer satisfaction and overall profitability through enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your dealership teams.

Specific, targeted staff development through IATI offers tangible and sustainable automotive business results.  Our program options include a variety of measurement and follow-up mechanisms to maximize implementation and return on both effort and investment.

We tailor & customise workshops & training initiatives ranging from ½ day In-Dealership seminars through to larger Nationwide multi-faceted roll-outs based on the objectives of the manufacturer or dealer group. We design and deliver face-to-face, on-site and online coaching and mentoring to support the training programs, where required.

We have experience in Global training roll-outs working at manufacturer level designing and developing strategic Global coaching and training initiatives that get results at a local level.

Project Management and all areas of Administration underpin our program deliveries. This ensures that all IATI initiatives are completed efficiently and professionally.


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